Error: "11 SY_OpenObject.pvc 247" or "11 SY_OpenObject.pvc 256"


  • Error: “11 SY_OpenObject.pvc 247” when printing manual checks in Sage 100
  • Error: “11 SY_OpenObject.pvc 256”
  • Record ” is missing from …\MAS_SYSTEM\SY_LockFileInfo.m4t”


The SY_LockFileInfo.m4t file may be corrupt.


Use the Rebuild System files utility to rebuild SY_LockFileInfo.m4t (see ‘How to rebuild SY system files using the SY_RebuildSystem.m4t utility‘ 

Note: The SY_LockFileInfo.m4t file may be locked even when all users are logged out 


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.