Email SmartLink

What is it?

Email SmartLink can dramatically streamline the way you create emails referring to Sage 300 masterfile or transaction records, then access those records. SmartLink allows a user to create an email in Sage 300, and paste a hyperlink with the specific records or transactions they want to reference. Once sent, the user who receives the email will be able to click on the link, and automatically be taken to that specific record or transaction.


  • Supports collaboration and communication between colleagues
  • Quickly and easily generate an email referring to a Sage 300 record, from within Sage 300
  • The email recipient can directly access the Sage 300 record referred to
  • Increased accuracy – the link is automatically generated, so less risk of mistakes or confusion


  • Creates a link to either a Sage 300 masterfile record, or a Sage 300 transaction
  • Works on any Sage 300 screen for users who are configured as an “Orchid User”
  • Works with all Sage 300 core modules, and also 3rd Party modules developed in the Sage 300 SDK