eBusiness Manager

Powerful and affordable e-commerce for Sage 100

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Leverage the power of the Internet to increase customer satisfaction and enhance your bottom line.

Imagine being able to offer your customers the ability to place orders, and monitor their account status 24 hours a day, while at the same time allowing your employees to be more productive and increasing order accuracy. The eBusiness Manager module leverages the power of the Internet to help you increase customer satisfaction, and enhance your bottom line.

The Internet is now the method of choice for transacting business worldwide. The year-over-year growth in online commerce transactions continues to grow at a tremendous rate. We continue to conduct an ever-increasing number of business transactions over the Internet, and applications with direct Internet functionality are vital to remain competitive and responsive in this evolving marketplace.

eBusiness Manager offers three standard applets: .store for establishing a web-based e-commerce storefront, .order for more advanced online purchasing, and .inquiry, which provides customers with access to account information. eBusiness Manager is a powerful and an affordable e-commerce solution for Sage 100.


Customer Satisfaction

The eBusiness Manager module offers your customers the ability to place orders and to retrieve information about their account, such as open orders, invoices, and available credit. Because the Web site never closes, customers can get information when they need it instead of sitting on the phone or waiting for a call back.

Employee Efficiency

Your employees can use their time more efficiently; instead of typing orders into the system or relaying information to the customer by phone or e-mail, they can focus on other tasks. Also, because customers place their own orders, the accuracy of orders placed will increase.

Cost Effective

The eBusiness Manager module is designed to be implemented without requiring expensive Web or network consultants. It’s simple to set up, and can even be installed in a remotely hosted environment if you prefer not to maintain and manage your own Web server. Sage Software offers hosting services specifically designed to host the e-Business Manager application, allowing you to avoid the expense of maintaining your own in-house server. The modular design allows you to purchase the functionality that you need and lets you add functionality as your business grows.


You can customize eBusiness Manager to fit your business in many ways. Numerous options within Sage 100 allow you to define images and text to display on the various Web pages. User-defined attachments may be linked to inventory items to provide information to site users. You can quickly and easily change the overall appearance of your site by applying one of the included style sheets, or you may create your own. Advanced customization features, such as the ability to specify the fields, including user-defined fields, that you wish to appear on the pages, are also available by using an HTML or text editor.


  • Get timely access to key business information in a format that is easy to read and understand
  • Easily apply query, reporting, and statistical analysis to make faster and better decisions for your future— this afternoon or next year
  • Use quick-click charts for a visual representation
  • Quickly assess the state of your business; monitor a new product’s acceptance rate or the impact that a competitor’s promo is having on your sales
  • Share information with others in your organization in a meaningful way
  • Use intuitive grid-based view of key entity and transaction-level data for more precise tracking and resolution
  • Easily drill around into original records and change views for at-your-fingertips access to invoices and transactions
  • Save views containing customized preferences and predefined filters for future use and navigation
  • Gain quick access to key system tasks for the displayed entity with powerful task launch options
  • Enable a wide range of sorting, grouping, and reorganizing functionality with easy-to-use customization and personalization features.