Integrated Document Management

DocLink eliminates your manual processes, automating and streamlining transactions in accounts payable and beyond
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Support your flexible workforce (in-office or remote) with DocLink, our document management and process automation solution.

DocLink helps companies better manage their data by going paperless and touchless, automating workflows and streamlining all vital document processes. With DocLink you can digitally transform your operations for increased visibility and productivity in any department – accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, sales order processing, legal, and more.

DocLink’s business benefits are tangible:

  • Easy access to documents
  • Streamlined approval process
  • Increased productivity and collaboration
  • Reduced manual errors
  • Centrally managed document storage
  • Powerful and flexible security

DocLink delivers limitless visibility so you can effortlessly manage all your documents, data, and processes, and control your entire document lifecycle from anywhere. You’ll benefit by better communications with your customers, vendors and employees.

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Search and Retrieve Any Information

No matter how your documents originate, DocLink’s robust capture capabilities index your documents for immediate and accurate retrieval from anywhere –your desktop, browser, or mobile device.

Protect Your Data

In addition to securing your documents from accidental loss, assigned roles and permissions determine the access and capabilities for each user. Document access can be defined at a very granular level – right down to the document’s individual property values.

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Track Document Actions

All document activities are fully audited. Supervisors can see when a document was last accessed and what action was taken. You can readily see what has (or hasn’t) happened within your processes to identify frequent bottlenecks.

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Seamless integrations

We integrate with some of the top ERP software solutions

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Configurable workflow moves documents through your organization based on your procedures while maintaining visibility throughout the process.

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Email notifications keep your users informed and on task. Select the notifications that work best for you including alerts when documents are ready for review, documents are overdue, or a daily summary report is available.

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Automate workflow processes based on document data, approval rules, or as a scheduled task.

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Smart Forms

Some workflow procedures necessitate the capture of data throughout the process. A Smart Form can be used to present the user with appropriate data fields, enforce data validations, and move information through the workflow process.

Paper Files

If you receive paper documents, scan them into DocLink first for safekeeping and faster processing.

  • Scan paper files in using DocLink’s scan software or any scanner/MFD that produces TIFs or PDFs.
  • If you’re away from the office, don’t run the risk of losing paper. Take a picture of the document and upload into DocLink using our mobile app.

Digital Files

Many of your documents may already be digitized. DocLink can capture these files in a variety of ways:

  • Reports and formatted documents: DocLink’s powerful Enterprise Report Management (ERM) offering automatically captures and indexes documents and reports generated by your business systems. Simply ‘print’ the document to a printer driver monitored by DocLink and ERM does the rest.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): OCR ‘reads’ the data on your documents and uses it for indexing and processing – increasing efficiency and reducing transaction processing costs.
  • Barcodes: Do you use barcodes in your business? Our Barcode module reads the barcode and uses the values to automatically index the document. No manual intervention necessary.
  • Email: If you have an email address set up to receive a particular type of document, Import Manager can be configured to monitor the email inbox and automatically import the contents into the repository.
  • XML Import: If you receive XML from your business partners, Import Manager uses the XML data to automatically create a document or index a related document into DocLink.
  • Mobile: If your files are on a mobile device, upload them straight into DocLink using the DocLink Mobile app. This is a great option for field services, remote team members, and frequent travelers.
  • Faxes: If you receive faxes, those digital images can be indexed into DocLink. FaxLink monitors the fax directory for new faxes, decollates the fax into individual pages, and moves them to a location where they can be indexed into DocLink.

When You're Creating The Document

If you need to capture data from your users in order to generate a brand new document (like an expense report, sales order traveler or new supplier request), the Smart Form Toolkit allows you to standardize and control the process. Simply configure your own DocLink window with the proper data elements and validation rules.

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Output Manager

Sending information out should not be a heavy expense for your organization. Our Output Manager automatically delivers documents to anyone (partners, employees, customers, vendors, etc.) based on preconfigured routing rules.


  • Select the document format each recipient receives and the method of distribution (email, fax, print)
  • Configure rules to locate related documents, collate them in the proper order, and send them along with the master document
  • Personalize cover sheets to represent your company and promote your brand
  • Specify the delivery schedule

Reap the benefits of automated delivery through hard dollar savings (think supply costs and postage fees) and soft dollar savings (time spent manually handling documents and preparing for delivery) while improving customer service.

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Not only will you have access anywhere but you also have options to work on the device that is most convenient. Searching for documents on a phone or tablet is easier than ever.

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Gone are the days of papers piling up in a traveling manager’s inbox. Approvals can be done on-the-go with DocLink Mobile. Managers can review supporting documents, apply notes, and send the document on to the next workflow status.

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Files and photos can be uploaded within seconds and be immediately available in DocLink – a great option for traveling staff or field services.

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Expense Reports

Capture receipts as soon as you receive them. Then use an Expense Report Smart Form to select your receipts and create your expense report. The expense reports are immediately captured into DocLink and, after coding and approval, the data can be imported directly into the ERP, eliminating errors and duplicated data entry.

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Credit Card Statements

A Credit Card Smart Form can import credit card CSV data and transform that data into individual statements for each cardholder. The statements are immediately indexed into DocLink and, after coding and approval, the transaction data can be imported directly into the ERP.

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HR Onboarding

The employee onboarding process has many steps and associated documents. Use a Smart Form to enter and track data and to quickly view and capture additional documentation for employee files.

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New Vendor Requests

When you need to have a new vendor setup in your ERP, use a Smart Form to generate the request which can be routed for approval and handling with related backup documents.

Integrates with Sage 100 and Sage 300

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