What is the Difference Between the “Use Bill Revision Codes” and “Use Engineering Change Control” Features In Bill of Materials Options?


What is the difference between the “Use Bill Revision Codes” and “Use Engineering Change Control” features in Bill of Materials Options?


Two methods for tracking changes to bills are provided in Bill of Materials Options:

  • Use Bill Revision Codes
  • Use Engineering Change Control

When Use Engineering Change Control is selected, the original bill is updated as changes are made. Deletions and additions to the bill are tracked by date. When printing a bill, dates in the Add Date and Delete Date columns indicate when changes were made. In Bill Of Materials, Work Order, and Materials Requirements Planning, an effective date is used to determine whether or not to include items.

*NOTE:  Engineering Change Control is not designed to make Quantity changes.   If the component is deleted from the bill as of an effective date, you can’t use Engineering Change Control to add the component back to the bill with a different quantity.  The item must be added back to the bill with the new quantity using Bill of Materials Maintenance and will not be tracked in Engineering Change Control.

When Use Bill Revision Codes is selected, a copy of the bill can be created and modified when changes are required. The original bill is not revised, and multiple versions of the bill can be maintained simultaneously. It is important to specify the bills’ current revision in Bill of Materials Maintenance because many programs use the current revision.

To select the bill tracking options:

  1. Expand ModulesBill Of MaterialsSetup
  2. Double-click Bill of Materials Options
  3. On the Main tab, select the Use Bill Revision Code and/or the Use Engineering Change Control checkbox. (Both may be selected)

To specify the current revision of a bill:

  1. Expand ModulesBill Of Materials Main
  2. Select Bill of Materials Maintenance
  3. On the Header tab, enter the correct revision number in the Current Bill Revision field


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.