Depreciation This Run is Too High in Sage Fixed Assets


  • Depreciation This Run is incorrect after disposal
  • The “Less Disposals and Transfers” line in the
  • Depreciation Expense Report is showing only last month’s disposals
  • Depreciation this run is too high
  • Prior Through Date is showing an earlier month
  • Depreciation expense report shows the wrong month.
  • Depreciation This Run is more than one month’s worth of depreciation.
  • Depreciation is off after recalculating depreciation.
  • Assets are still showing as transferred on the Depreciation Expense report after the transfers were cancelled.
  • Depreciation this run to high
  • Depreciation This Run is too low.
  • DTR too high
  • Depreciation this run too large
  • On depreciation expense report, the prior thru column is empty for all assets.
  • Depreciation was ran for previous periods.
  • General Ledger posting report has large amounts
  • Expense incorrect
  • Monthly depreciation incorrect
  • Universal link pulls huge amount
  • How to undo depreciation
  • Depreciation amount double


Depreciation This Run is defined as the amount of depreciation from the last depreciation run (Prior Thru date on the Depreciation Expense Report) of the asset to the current depreciation run date of the asset. The Prior thru date column represents the date that depreciation was last calculated on the asset and it is the only value which affects the Depreciation This Run.

For example: If depreciation was last ran for August of this year and then depreciation was ran for September of this year, then on the September Depreciation Expense Report, Depreciation this Run for the asset (assuming it is still taking depreciation and is not taking adjustments due to adjustment conventions) will be one month’s worth of depreciation.
In the case of disposals: When disposing of an asset the disposal transaction performs a final calculation of depreciation at that time. In other words, the Thru date in the asset is set to the end of the month of the disposal.

When running depreciation to the end of the month of disposal and if the Recalculate depreciation on asset you have already calculated through this date: box is checked the program will calculate depreciation not from the last time depreciation was ran on the asset but from the asset’s Placed-in Service, Beginning, or Period Close date as those dates apply to the asset.
However, if depreciation was last ran for August of LAST year and then depreciation was ran for September of this year, Depreciation This Run will reflect one year and one month’s worth of depreciation.


To calculate Depreciation This Run for a given period: Run depreciation for the period (or month, quarter or year) before the target period, and then for the target period.

Please note that if the asset is subject to immediate adjustment, this could cause adjustments taken in a recent period to be taken in a prior period. To check adjustment settings, go to File – Edit Company – Book Overrides Tab

NOTE: If the Prior thru is blank, the Depreciation this Run will represent the depreciation that was calculated from the asset’s Placed-in Service date or a new asset being depreciated the first time.