Sage Fixed Assets Deleting or Inactivating Assets


This article outlines the difference between deleting an asset and inactivating an asset


Inactivating assets:

  • The asset disappears from all reports (except the File Listing Report) as if it never existed.
  • The asset stops taking any further depreciation.
  • You can still view the asset in detail view, but not modify it
  • The system assigns an activity code of I to the asset and displays Inactive in Asset List view.
  • You can use the Reactivate option under the Asset menu to make the asset active again

Deleting assets:

  • Deleting an asset will permanently remove the asset from the company in Sage Fixed Assets.
  • There is not an undo for a deleted asset except to Restore Company from backup. Before deleting assets, follow How to back up a company to create a backup.
  • The system will not reuse the system numbers of deleted assets