How to Delete or Reset a Custom Office Task, Screen, or Panel Customization for Sage 100


How to delete or reset a customized task, screen, or panel for user and company via Custom Office, Customizer Selection in Sage 100


Use caution when working with the below product functionality. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions.


Note: Main panels (and all associated sub-panels) can be deleted; individual sub-panels can be reset but not deleted.

  1. Get all other users to log out of Sage 100 ERP.
  2. Open Modules, Custom Office, Main menu, Customizer Selection
  3. Open [Customized Panels], select the module and specific task window
    • Example: Sales Order, Sales Order Entry
  4. Select the specific User/Group and Company customization
    • Example: All Users, ABC Company
  5. Choose to Delete or Reset as follows:
    • To Delete the specific customization for the main panel (such as DMAIN or DMAINW) and all sub-panels associated with it:
      1. Highlight or select the panel
      2. Click the Delete Panel button
        • Note: Deleting the main panel will delete all sub-panels associated with it.
      3. Click Yes when prompted to delete the specific Module, Task, Panel for the User and Company combination specified.
      4. Click Close to exit the Customizer Selection window
    • To Reset a panel or sub-panel (such as PMAIN):
      1. Highlight or select the panel or sub-panel
      2. Click the Edit Panel button
      3. On the Customizer toolbar, select Panel, Header
      4. In the Panel Header Definition window, click Reset
      5. In the Reset Panel window, Choose one of the following:
        • Reset Only the Header Settings to Sage 100 ERP Defaults
        • Reset all Settings for the Current Panel to Sage 100 ERP Defaults
      6. Click OK in the Reset Panel window
      7. Click OK in the Panel Header Definition window if you are returned to that window
      8. Click OK if prompted with a message that the window or panel size has been changed
      9. On the Customizer toolbar, click the Save button
      10. Click OK when prompted with the message that the customized panel was saved
      11. On the Customizer toolbar, click the Exit button
  6. Click Close to exit the Customizer Selection window