How to Delete Inactive Accounts in General Ledger for Sage 300


Use the G/L Period End Maintenance screen to:

  • Delete unneeded accounts, transaction details, and fiscal sets.
  • Reset the current batch number to 1.


Warning! Period-end maintenance permanently deletes information from General Ledger. Before performing period-end maintenance, back up your data.


  1. Open General Ledger > G/L Periodic Processing > Period End Maintenance.
  2. Select the procedures you want to perform: Delete Inactive Accounts. You can delete an account only if it:
    • Has an Inactive status.
    • Has zero balances for the current year, and for all previous years for which you retain transaction data.
    • Is not assigned as the default closing account on the G/L Options screen. (If necessary, you can assign a different account number to be the default account.)