How to Create a New Work Ticket in Production Management


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How to create a new work ticket in Production Management


To assist in the creation of new Work Tickets and to reduce the amount of data entry required to setup a work ticket, the Copy From button allows the work ticket to be copied from one of four sources.
To successfully use the Copy From options, you must first complete the data entry on the Header tab of the Work Ticket.
Work Tickets can be created by copying information from one of the following sources:

  • Work Ticket Template
  • Bill of Materials
  • Open Work Ticket
  • Historical Work Ticket

On the Copy From window, the following fields are shown as a reference for each of the copy options. These fields cannot be edited on the copy from screen:

  • Work Ticket No – The work ticket assigned to the Work Ticket No field on the Work Ticket Entry window displays and can only be viewed.
  • W/T Class – The work ticket class assigned to the WT Class field on the Work Ticket Entry Header tab displays and can only be viewed.