Copy Company for Sage 300

Sage 300 Copy Company will copy an existing company’s structure without copying transactional data, flawlessly performing many hours of manual manipulation with one push of a button. Copy general ledger accounts and optionally copy customers, vendors, inventory items, employees recurring entries and financial and operational setup options. Audit Logger & Third Party programs – please see release notes.

Special User Guide Details:

Appendix B – Change Functional Currency Recipe
Appendix D – Copy G/L Integration Settings to a company with transactions
Appendix E – All Setup Data Details

Select which modules to copy

This tool allows you to select which Sage 300 modules to copy without any transactions.

Features and Benefits

  • Uses any existing Sage 300 company as a template to create new companies with a few clicks. Avoid dozens of export and import operations.
  • Copies setup options that cannot be exported or imported.
  • Handles General Ledger account allocations using a multi-pass approach.
  • Handles Payroll deductions of deductions using a multi-pass approach.
  • Supports the copying of G/L Integration settings to a live database.
  • Provides a recipe in the user guide for changing a company’s functional currency.
  • Uses Sage 300 business objects to ensure that valid database tables are created.