Checks print with VOID displayed in Sage 300


When printing Accounts Payable or Payroll checks, VOID may be printed and displayed


The issue may be resolved by increasing the Check Form’s Advice Lines per page number.

  1. Log into Sage 300 ERP and select Common Services
  2. Double click on Bank Services
  3. Double click on Banks
  4. Use the Finder in the Bank field to select the bank used for printing checks
  5. Click the Check Stocks tabbed window
  6. Select the detail line that displays the Check Form used to print the check(s)
  7. Increase the Advice Lines Per Page number to a higher number. For example: APCHK01.rpt defaults to 19 Advice Lines per page. UPCHECK1.rpt and CPCHECK1.rpt default to 36 lines per page
  8. Click Save
  9. Click Close

Print the check(s) again. VOID should no longer be printed and displayed.