Cannot resolve the collation conflict Latin1 General in Sage 300

“Cannot resolve the collation conflict Latin1 General” in Sage 300


When using Sale Analysis, Retrieve Details or AR Inquiry, the following error may occur:
Error: “Cannot resolve the collation conflict Latin1 General”


The company UNI database has been created with a different collation method than the company database.


Run the options system tester to confirm that the collation methods for all three databases at the same. For example SAMSYS, SAMLTD and SAMLTDUNI should all have the same collation.

In some cases even when checking in MS SQL Management studio the collation appears to be the same but occasionally the error can be caused as one of the databases has had the collation changed ‘on the fly’ by right clicking the database name and changing the collation. This does not always work correctly as the changes are at two levels (database level and field level)

The company UNI database will be created automatically using the collation method set as the default for the MS SQL server, this may not be the collation that you wish to use, if the company and system databases use another collation method. If this is the case then you should manually create the company UNI database. It must have the same name as the company database with UNI added to end of name.

  1. Delete the company UNI database
  2. Create the company UNI database with required collation method
  3. Remove the UX entry in company.CSAPP table.
  4. In Administrative Services, Data Activation, activate the Sales Analysis module.
  5. Sales Analysis, Retrieve Data. (can only retrieve data that has not been cleared from the company database)


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.