Can You Invoice a Sage 300 Customer to Not Include Taxes and Inventory Item

How to invoice a Sage 300 Customer to not include taxes and inventory items


  • Yes, a Sage 300 Invoice can be entered with the Detail Type as “Summary” instead of “Item”. Edit the Account/Tax to remove the taxes and set them to zero. Specify the detail type to use for the invoice (initially, the default detail type specified on the A/R Options screen is selected):
  • Summary: details include just enough information to update your receivables records and general ledger revenue account. Use summary details when you do not maintain an inventory or when you update inventory information outside of Accounts Receivable.
  • Item: details let you use a price list when entering details, and update receivables records as well as the revenue, inventory, and cost of goods sold general ledger accounts (the last two accounts are optional).