Buddy Punch

Streamline time tracking.

An online time clock that makes it easy to stay on top of attendance, time off, and overtime in real-time.

Buddy Punch has 2 products:

  1. Time and Attendance
  2. Time and Attendance with Scheduling

Employee Time and Attendance

With our time tracking options it’s never been easier to reduce the time you spend manually reviewing, verifying, inputting, and analyzing employee timesheets.

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Stay on top of your employees’ work locations with GPS, webcam images on each punch, and oversight on any changes.

Flexible Punch Options

Make Buddy Punch work for your business, you can enable employees to use a 4 digit pin, QR Codes, Facial Recognition, or just stick with a username and password.

Monitor Overtime

We give you real-time insights into your employees’ hours. You can setup emails or mobile notifications when an employee is nearing their maximum for the day or week so you can adjust your schedule accordingly.

Simplify Payroll and Budgeting

Use job codes, run custom reports, or export everything to Excel. We also integrate directly with most payroll software, making payroll simple.

Time Off

Easily track time-off requests with our built-in calendar that allows employees to book or request time off. We support paid and unpaid time off.


Managers can be assigned mutiple employees and get notifications on punches, time cards that need to be approved, and any number of custom email and mobile alerts.

Other features include: Android and iOS Apps, assigning job codes, automated breaks, automatic rounding, create any type of label for your employee to punch in and out of, customizable reports, enter PTO/Sick/Vacation, geofences, IP Address Locks, manager status, notifications, OT calculations, PTO accruals, QR codes, single sign on, time card approvals, tracking locations, and webcam punch in or punch out


Scheduling made easy. Need time tracking too? All time tracking features are included with our scheduling plans.

Create, Update, and Distribute

Our drag and drop functionality means you can easily manage the schedule and notify your team of upcoming shifts or changes.

Track and Manage

Automatically limit when and where an employee can punch in by using some of our features like geofences or punch limiting to a time of day. Schedule smart with our availability feature so you know ahead of time when your employees are able to work.

View and Notify

Employees can view their schedule anytime. You can send notifications to one person or department, or to your entire staff with the click of a button.

Other features include: Android and iOS apps, automatic punch out, create and assign codes for employees, create and assign positions, manage early or late punches with punch limiting, notifications, punch in without a shift, track locations,