How to Install Azalea Fonts on Workstation for Barcode Printing in Crystal Reports


Sage 100


North America


How to install Azalea fonts (such as Code128 Regular, Code128Wide Regular, etc.) used for printing Bar Codes in Crystal Reports (Bar Code module) for Sage 100


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Per the Sage 100 Upgrade Guide:

“If you are printing bar codes, ensure that the Azalea fonts are installed on the workstation. The fonts can be installed from the WkSetup\Azalea folder where Sage 100 is installed on your server.”

Note: The above text assumes that you wish to use the available Azalea’s bar code fonts, such as Code 128. There are other bar code fonts available from other third-party providers. Common linear bar code fonts used in the United States include: Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, GS1 Databar, Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC, etc.

On each workstation that will be printing bar codes:

1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the Sage 100 server path where Sage 100 is installed 
2. Browse to the \MAS90\wksetup\Azalea folder 
3. Run C128Tools_Setup.exe (Right-Click, select Run as Administrator) to install the Azalea fonts on the workstations that will be printing the bar code fonts. Follow the instructions to install the fonts. 
4. The desired bar code font must exist in the Crystal Report being printed 
– Using Crystal Reports Designer, confirm the bar code font is selected in that section of the report. 
– See Related Resources for how to install Crystal Reports Designer



Depending on the specific bar code font, industry or business requirements, and scanner (and scanner software), you may need to do more than set a data field in a Crystal Reports form or report to use the bar code font. More likely, you may need to create a formula to use a bar code function, in order to include a check digit, start and stop codes, application identifiers, or quiet space (white space) before and after.

If using an Azalea Software bar code font, you may visit Azalea Software’s web site for information on how to incorporate their fonts into Crystal Reports. 

If using another bar code font, you may want to check with the provider. 

For those who own the Bar Code application module for Sage 100, sample Crystal Report forms or reports may be accessed via the Bar Code, Reports menu via the Designer button, if the appropriate Crystal Reports Designer software is installed.



If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.