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AutoSimply is your Sage 300 Barcode Solution

Inventory transactions occur in every business area for manufacturing, trading, wholesale, and distribution companies. In a typical Sage 300 setup, stock in and out records that happen in the warehouse such as goods receipts and shipments are not automated and require data entry in the back office, which is inefficient and error-prone.

AutoSimply is a solution to bring warehouse transactions to the front-line when and where they happen. It is an easy to use barcode system that plugs into Sage 300. It is used in small to medium-sized companies to handle all the inventory movement transactions from a handheld device. This increases efficiency and accuracy.

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AutoSimply Features

AutoSimply Diagram

Sage 300 to AutoSimply Manufacturing Diagram

Other Features of AutoSimply

Key Features of Sage 300 Manufacturing Order include:

  • Multi-level BOM structure
  • Better production floor management
  • Increased accuracy of cost calculation
  • Operation based MO transactions
  • Easier monitoring of WIP
  • Ease of component substitution

Key Features: Sage 300 Shop Floor Control (S/C) include:

  • Detailed Time Entries for Shop Floor
  • Operator and Shift Information
  • Work Center and Station Records
  • Automatic MO WIP Consumption
  • Shop Floor User Maintenance
  • Optional Resource Cost Allocation

Key Features of Sage 300 Production Planning include:

  • Easy definition of buyers/planners
  • Flexible item planning parameters
  • More realistic purchase/ production plans
  • Better management of sales forecasts
  • Better management of planned orders

Key Features of Sage 300 Manufacturing Lot include:

  • Seamless I/C/ Lot/Serial Integration
  • Single Lot/Serial Tracking System
  • Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Issuances
  • Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Returns
  • Lot/Serial Tracking for MO Receipts

Key Features of Sage 300 Quality Control include:

  • Automatically put items into Quarantine
  • Automatically assign QC Teams and QC Type per item detail
  • Track the Status of items pending for quality control
  • Posting of QC Accept, Reject or Scrap transactions
  • Recording of QC Test Results based on QC Type

Key Features: Sage 300 Purchase Planning (I/P) include:

  • Flexible Item Planning Parameters
  • Supports I/C BOM and Kitting Items
  • Better management of sales forecasts
  • Available to Promise Queries
  • Flexible I/C/ Location Coverage
  • What “If” Scenarios
  • Auto-Generation of P/O Requisitions

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