Sage 300 Quality Control by AutoSimply

AutoSimply's Quality Control Product
With the high market competition, quality has become the market differentiator for almost all products and services. Quality control is essential to building a successful business that delivers products that meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Sage 300 Quality Control

Quality Control (Q/L) module is an easy and comprehensive quality solution for small to medium-sized trading enterprises. With Q/L, trading companies could quickly manage and improve the quality. The module requires only Sage 300 I/C & P/O modules, but Sage 300 M/F is optional. It is compatible with Sage 300 v62 (2014) to v66 (2019)

Main Features

Quality Control Transactions

  • Posting of QC Accept, Reject or Scrap transactions
  • Automatic posting of I/C stock transfers between receipt location and QC locations
  • Posting of QC returns for Reject PO or MO Receipt
  • Unlimited QC reason codes per transaction type

Quality Control Types

  • Unlimited QC types based on either Vendor or Item
  • Maintenance of a default item type under Q/L Options
  • Option to define items being exempted from QC
  • Four (4) level priority matrix based Vendor Group, Vendor Code, Item Categories & Item Code

Quality Control Locations

  • Unlimited number of QC locations for Pending QC, Reject and Scrap
  • Mapping of QC locations on a per I/C location basis
  • Automatic posting stock transfers between QC and I/C locations

Quality Control Teams

  • Unlimited number of QC Teams
  • Sage 300 User ID’s are linked to QC Teams
  • QC Supervisors can reassign QC tasks to other teams
  • History tracking based on QC user

Quality Control Test Results

  • Unlimited QC Test Results (e.g. Text, Amount, Yes/No)
  • Pre-assignment of QC Test Results based on QC Type (i.e. Vendor Type, Item Type)
  • Definition of required QC Test Results
  • Definition of expected QC Test Results

Quality Control Inquiries & Reports

  • Easy A/R Pricing Setup
  • Pending QC Inquiry
  • History Inquires for Item, Vendor & QC User
  • Vendor QC Reports by PO & by Item
  • Manufacturing QC Reports
  • Inventory QC Reports