AutoSimply's Purchase Planning (I/P) Product

How Sage 300 ERP links with Purchase Planning


With businesses facing greater competition, it is imperative for companies to be efficient in its use of inventory and minimize wastage. Planning ahead for inventory purchases is crucial to meeting this goal.

Sage 300 Purchase Planning (I/P) module is an easy to use purchasing or replenishment solution for small to medium-sized trading enterprises. With I/P, trading companies can now generate full scale MRP–based purchasing plans for all of their inventory items.

Is fully integrated with Sage 300 ERP Operation modules. It makes full use of the sales information in O/E, inventory data within I/C, purchase orders in P/O to generate realistic plans.

Purchase Planning minimizes inventory stock at the same time prevents item shortages leading to improvement in customer service levels. With Purchase Planning, inventory planners actually spend more time planning instead of just tracking, compiling and calculating stock requirements.

Main Features

Flexible Item Planning Parameters

Buyers can now define safety stock levels, order multiples, or maintain purchase lead times for each item record in I/C. For each item, a plan schedule (e.g. Monthly, Weekly) can be pre-defined for order grouping.

Better management of sales forecast

Forecasts can be inputted, imported and even generated for use during planning runs. Using forecast consumption, Purchase Planning can use actual O/E sales orders to consume sales forecasts.

Available to Promise Queries

Allows salesmen to query and view online available to promise quantities on per item per customer basis.

Supports I/C BOM and Kitting Items

BOM and Kitting records in I/C and O/E are now considered during planning run. Demand for small scale product assemblies will result to purchase plans for its components.

Flexible I/C Location Coverage

Allows planners to define unlimited number of distribution networks. Each network is a grouping of I/C Locations which determines the planning scope

“What If” Scenarios

Planners can generate multiple plan records (up to 4) for each distribution network. These plan records provide simulations of demand-supply variables for use in analysis.

Auto-Generation of P/O Requisitions

Purchase recommendations in the form system generate planned orders can be automatically converted to P/O Requisitions. Supplier pricelists in P/O can be fully utilized in the conversion of P/O Requisitions to P/O Purchase Orders.