AutoSimply's Manufacturing Order (M/O) Product


Designed for small to medium-sized enterprises, Manufacturing Order enables an efficient production flow covering manufacturing orders, work in progress, routing cost calculation, material consumption, material scrap and item substitution and order closeout.

Main Features

Super-charged BOM Structure

  • Unlimited number of BOM codes and versions per product
  • Up to 16 BOM levels
  • Detailed item routing information
  • Supports unlimited number of co-products

Increased accuracy of production cost calcuation

  • Rolled up standard item costing from Sage 300 Inventory Control upon finished goods receipt
  • Costs can be based on material and resource requirements, including labour and overhead costs
  • Accurate costs adjustments upon closeout of manufacturing order

Operation-based transactions

  • Sub-divide production floor into work centres used by BOM operations
  • Transactions such as material issuances, WIP consumption or scrap can be performed by operations

Easier monitoring of WIP

  • Materials issued from I/C are tracked as WIP
  • WIP consumption and scrip transactions track WIP movement as t happens
  • Unconsumed WIP are automatically allocated upon closeout of manufacturing orders


  • Create material issuances and finished goods receipts in one step if production time is short


  • Create manufacturing orders, issuances and receipts in one step for Just-in-Time(JIT) production

I/C stock balance and history

  • All transactions are posted directly to I/C stock and history tables

Serialized inventory and lot tracking

  • Full support of serial and lot numbers for I/C items
  • Define lot and serial numbers for materials issued, returned and finish goods received in the wearhouse

Look and Feel

Find AutoSimply’s Manufacturing Order Entries easily in your Sage Accpac ERP under the Manufacturing dropdown.

BOM Operations and Components side by side view for your comparison