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AutoSimply Barcode
Use the scanner to scan the inventory items with the respective Purchase Order. These transactions will be automatically updated to Sage 300.

AutoSimply Barcode Operation module is an easy to use plug-in barcode system for small to medium-size trading companies.

For trading/ wholesales/distribution companies, inventory transaction occurs in every business area. Starting from customer orders to purchase orders to goods shipments, each order consists of multiple stocks in/out records. A simple and reliable inventory system is needed to automate all these transactions.

Designed to be a single system, IB uses the same IC and MF tables and views. No separate data synchronization is needed and therefore prevents any inventory balance discrepancy within the system. In using Microsoft Internet Web Service (IIS) as a gateway, this allows IB to support warehouse to shop floor and back office real-time update with no geographical limitation. With IB, all shipments, receipts, returns, and transfers can be recorded by handheld scanner devices and posted to the backend of Sage 300.

Inventory Management is supported by:

  • Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • Items with Serial and Lot Tracking
  • Location Bin Tracking 

Barcode Features

BarCode PO

The BarCode PO module includes PO Receipts and Returns Entries. Using a handheld scanner, users can need only to scan the PO number, scan the item numbers to be received and input the receipt quantity. IB even allows users to receive items from multiple PO’s at the same time. For purchase returns, users need only scan the Receipt number and scan item numbers which need to be returned and then input return quantities.

BarCode IC

BarCode IC includes IC Internal Usage, IC Transfer and IC Physical Inventory transactions. Users need only to scan the item number and input the quantity in order to scrap, transfer or conduct periodic physical counts.

Barcode OE

The BarCode OE module includes OE Shipment and Return Entries. Using a handheld scanner, users need only scan the sales order (SO) number to be processed and then scan individual item lines to input shipment quantity. For sales returns or shipment adjustment, IB supports the posting of Shipment Returns and Invoice Returns. Users need only scan the shipment number or the invoice number, scan the items to be returned and input the return quantity.

Lot/Serialized Items

Fully integrated with Sage 300, AutoSimply IB supports lot/serialized item tracking. This requires the deployment of IC Lot/Serial module.

Bin Tracking

Locations in IC can be divided into bins for a more detailed inventory management. AutoSimply IB is fully integrated with Orchid’s Bin Tracking module. User need only to scan the appropriate bin numbers during entry of transactions.

User and Security

Barcode users can be created in IB with specific security rights. Each function in the IB interface can be assigned to each user.

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