How to apply a Credit Memo to an Invoice in the Accounts Payable Module for Sage 100

You may receive a credit memo from a vendor and want to apply it to a specific invoice.  To apply credit balance, use the Manual Check Entry Program.

  1. On the Accounts Payable Main menu, click Manual Check and Payment Entry.
  2. At the Bank Code field, enter the bank code.  (NOTE: You must enter a bank code at this field; however, the bank code does not affect the entry.)
  3. At the Check No. field, type APP.  The Check Amount field will be zero and cannot be changed.
  4. On the Header tab, at the Vendor No. field, select the vendor number of the credit memo that you are applying. You may enter a comment reference.
  5. On the Lines tab, at the Invoice No. field, select the credit memo to be applied and click OK. The credit-invoice information appears.
  6. Select the Invoice to apply the Credit Memo to.  At the Invoice Amount field, change the invoice amount to reflect the positive amount of the credit memo, if necessary.
  7. Click OK. The check distribution amount should be zero. Click Accept.
  8. Print and update the Manual Check Register and Daily Transaction Register.

The credit balance is applied. Print and update the Manual Check Register and Daily Transaction Register.  Note:  There will be no posting to the General Ledger.  You can verify the credit application is Vendor Maintenance/Invoices Tab.


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.