Advanced Stock Take

Advanced Stock Take replaces the standard Sage 300 Physical Inventory with new programs including a Stock Take Document that improves the ease of use, productivity and functionality – plus introduces important controls and auditability to the Stock Take process.

Concurrent Stock Takes per Location

In more complex inventory stores, Advanced Stock Take provides the ability to have multiple Stock Take documents open simultaneously for the same Inventory Location.

Security & Auditability

A proper security model can be applied which defines the following roles:

Setup Maintenance

Stock Take Posting

Stock Take Reporting

Item & Barcode Maintenance

Stock Take Entry

All aspects of the Stock Take process are audited with the various contributors detailed in the reporting.

Date Based SOH Generation

Advanced Stock Take has the ability to generate SOH values at any retrospective date. Given that IC operates at an increment of a day, Advanced Stock Take will present the operator with the transactions of that day to select which are included or not included to balance the inventory.

Advanced Stock Take benefits include: