Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring has been implemented in thousands of organizations worldwide. It provides an organization with a single solution with which you can monitor and respond to important business conditions within all of your front-office and back-office software solutions.

Monitor your database and send alerts!

Warehouses can be configured to monitor your inventory stock levels. When quantities in your warehouse run low an alert can be triggered to order more. For your salespeople, new orders can automatically notify your salespeople when an order has been processed or shipped. Basically, anything in your database can be monitored to trigger an action. Other tools include, automatically scheduling reports. Inventory and sales reports can be distributed with the latest information to make better decisions. This can save hours per week generating and distributing management and daily reports.


  • Eliminate Business and Process Gaps
  • Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs
  • Improve Customer Service and Retention
  • Reduce Customer Calls and Complaints
  • Provide Real-Time Visibility
  • Improve Communication
  • Gain Competitive Advantage

Business Activity Monitoring Solutions

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