ACCU-DART Inventory Management Solution

Get control of your inventory with ACCU-DART

ACCU-DART is a real-time inventory control solution, designed to integrate directly with your accounting or ERP system.


By updating your inventory transactions in real-time, you will save countless labor-hours, both in the warehouse and the office.


Inventory Accuracy

ACCU-DART verifies directly with the ERP software that the correct items are being scanned for every transaction.



ACCU-DART is 100% modular – purchase only the functionality needed to improve your business operations


Direct Integration

Designed to integrate directly with Sage 300 ERP.  Radio-frequency scanners allows warehouse staff to instantly  update the ERP system, ensuring that all users throughout the organization have the most up-to-date information.


ACCU-DART is a functionally-rich solution, offering a wide variety of modules that can be customized to your unique needs

ACCU-DART is available Worldwide

Maintaining accurate inventory levels affects several areas throughout the organization.

In addition to improving operations in the warehouse, stock levels affect purchasing, restocking, sales, and more. For example: In this highly competitive climate, one of our clients noted that it was imperative to know when stock had been received in the warehouse. If a customer called to place an order, the sales staff would check inventory levels. If the item was out of stock, the client would simply buy elsewhere. They needed to know the moment inventory was received in the warehouse in order to retain their customers. Additionally, in most organizations, the purchasing department will often check the system to verify stock levels before ordering more products. Having accurate inventory at all times allow this department to make smarter decisions

Inventory accuracy is particularly important when tracking serial and lot numbers.

Manually recording serial and lot information can lead to numerous inaccuracies. By scanning the bar codes for serial and lot information, you ensure that the most accurate information is recorded, and by updating in real-time, you can verify that the correct items are being used for each transaction.

Implementing an inventory control solution can help to simplify work processes within your organization, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Without an inventory management system, your staff may not be operating efficiently. The way information passes from one employee to another wastes valuable time, and leaves room for mistakes to occur. Staff may forget to record a serial number, ship the wrong goods to a customer, or move items around the warehouse, making it difficult for other employees to find the goods they need. By incorporating an inventory control solution, you create a standard set of practices to handle every inventory transaction.

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