Accounts Payable Cash Payment Missing from the Bank Reconciliation in Sage 300


Sage 300


After posting a payment in Accounts Payable using Cash as the Payment Code, the following issue may occur:
Cash Payment in Accounts Payable is missing in the Bank module.
The payment does not appear in the bank reconciliation.


An account was entered to the Cash Account field when creating the A/P Payment Entry.


To resolve the issue:
1. Create an adjustment to cancel the payment
2. Create a new Payment Entry, selecting Cash as the Payment Code
3. Leave the Cash Account field blank
4. Once posted, the transaction is visible in the Bank Reconciliation

Additional information

If the GL Cash Account is specified, even of it is the same as defined for bank, it will not hit the bank. There are two options:
1. Cash can be received and recorded in GL by specifying GL account
2. Cash can go to the Bank if no GL account specified


If necessary, seek the assistance of Acute Data Systems to help provide assistance with this process.