Orion POS

Orion Point of Sale

Fully Integrated POS Software for Sage 300 


Point of Sale reinvented for a mobile world.

The Orion Point of Sale System is a sophisticated, feature-rich, Point of Sale System that can be tightly integrated with your Sage 300 Accounting System. The Orion Point of Sale System is the natural choice to meet your Sage 300 Point of Sale requirements. Orion POS is suitable for use in a small retail business through to an organization with multiple retail locations connected through Terminal Services or remote polled through the Internet.

The Orion Point of Sale System takes advantage of a high degree of integration to the accounting system to simplify ongoing maintenance and ensure that your business operates efficiently with a minimum amount of administration. This high degree of reliance on the accounting system also allows Orion Point of Sale to be simple to maintain and easy for your employees to learn.


ERP Integration

Since Point of Commerce Systems are built on Order Processing Systems and incorporate payment processing, Inventory Management, Distribution and product fulfillment, ERP integration is essential. In addition, the product fulfillment and management of numerous sales channels demands strong and complete ERP integration.

Customer History

Access to consolidated customer history and related data at the point of sale is key to the success of retail systems going forward. Point of Commerce Systems must have real time access to all of the customer’s transaction data at the Point of Commerce to properly engage the customer and ensure accuracy of the information at the till.

Real Time

Updates and Data Access Point of Commerce Systems cannot function correctly without real time access to data. Orion Point of Commerce is built on a hybrid Data technology where the majority of operational data is stored locally and the dynamic data is fetched from the ERP database as needed, immediately and in a timely fashion.

An End to End Solution

Orion Point of Commerce combined with your ERP System and other fine add-on products can effectively meet most if not all of your Order Processing, Purchasing, Inventory Management, Analytics, Warehouse Processing, Web Store and Accounting needs.